The Vision ACTION Initiative                     

In 2011  Jefferson County, FL, undertook an in-depth project and process to define a community-wide Vision. The result was a “Vision for a Sustainable Future” Plan.

  • The Plan contains Goals, Objectives and Recommendations for the future in four major areas: Environment, Circulation, Agriculture and Community.

  • Results of that project are here (see downloadable documents at end of the page for this link, with Recommendations in Volume III).*

A new initiative was next undertaken to translate earlier-crafted goals and other community desires and priorities into tangible action. This project involved developing an “Action Plan” with specific steps for turning community aspirations into reality.

  • Ideas and initiatives not addressed in the past Vision process but deemed priority for the community were added to the Action Plan, and an overarching theme of “economic prosperity” set.

  • Creation of an Economic Diversification Strategy was also included.

  • In support of Jefferson County as well as other rural communities throughout Florida the 2013-2014 Vision Action initiative also featured the hosting of a statewide Webinar series with experts on key topics …

  • … as well as creation of an Economic Development Opportunities Report and an Online Clearinghouse on rural economic development resources. The Clearinghouse is being hosted through this Website (see Resources tab above).

The Project Consultant, CPI Consulting, was charged with guiding the County and project participants through the process, providing expertise on key topics and approaches, while also developing related end products for statewide use (ACTION Plan, Webinar series, Opportunities Report and Online Clearinghouse). A diverse Stakeholders Advisory Team was actively engaged in the process. The Jefferson County Economic Development Council was appointed to serve in an oversight and support role for the initiative.

The Plan is divided into 9 parts based on community-wide priorities and concerns. Implementation is underway with special emphasis on economic development, small business development and tourism. See the “Our Action Plan” tab above for further details.

Funding support for the project was provided through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

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